This mousse would be delicious layered in a trifle with layers of vegan yogurt whipped topping or ice cream make it in one big bowl or in individual or mini portions a strong cup of espresso would pair perfectly with a small serving of pumpkin mousse.

Greek yogurt ndash i recommend using plain full fat yogurt for this recipe we rsquo re adding enough flavors so you don rsquo t need to use a flavored yogurt also make sure you rsquo re using full fat and greek yogurt ndash regular yogurt or low fat will be too runny for this recipe peanut butter or almond butter ndash any nut or seed butter will work i.

Grapefruit lime mint yogurt parfait why stop with a plain cup of yogurt in the morning add fresh grapefruit honey and a sprig of mint for a light and refreshing breakfast treat heck mdash even a dessert not sure which brand of yogurt to buy check out the brands our editors and the taste of home test kitchen recommend.

Use your yogurt in dozens of delicious recipes yogurt is fantastic on its own especially if its homemade you can also use yogurt in a number of great tasting recipes if you accidentally make a too big batch and dont know what to do with it here are some ideas for you to ponder make a tropical yogurt parfait make frozen yogurt cups.

Yogurt seems to have been a consistent part of my childhood mom managed to regularly pull together a fresh homemade batch for baking a cake or for all sorts of savory applications including marinades and yogurt sauces similar to tzatziki we also enjoyed an occasional yogurt parfait in the form of a simple cup of yogurt topped with a drizzle of honey or date syrup and whatever fruit we had.